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The Gold Coast

With easy access to Lake Michigan, world-class shopping opportunities, and renowned art and cultural attractions, Gold Coast residents never run out of places to go and experiences to enjoy.

The Gold Coast is a small but charismatic neighborhood on Chicago’s north side with a reputation for luxury living. Ever since millionaire Potter Palmer moved to the Gold Coast in the late nineteenth century, the area has attracted many of the country’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, athletes, and cultural icons.

Lovers of great dining experiences and world class shopping trips find themselves at home here. Foodies have a variety of Asian restaurants, American eateries, seafood spots, and so much more to choose from—all within walking distance of the area’s major landmarks. The Gold Coast’s Oak Street is a highlight for any shopper, complete with stores from several of the world’s top designers, and Michigan Avenue is also nearby with its 460 shops of tantalizing high-end products.

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What Our Residents Are Saying

"I absolutely love living here. The staff are all very personable and have been extremely welcoming. From the staff at the front desk, to the individuals working in the garage, to the fantastic people in the Commissary, everyone is extremely pleasant. I have nothing but positive things to say about living here so far."

- 1350-1360 Lake Shore Drive Resident

"I have been a resident of 1350 N. Lake Shore Dr for over two years now and I am thrilled to call this place home. The staff are amazing, the building is in a prime spot and the rooftop deck has incredible views. The apartments are spacious and modern and I will be renewing my lease a third time!"

- 1350-1360 Lake Shore Drive Resident

"Very nice location. Close to downtown events, Lincoln Park, the Lakefront Path, and good restaurants. Public transportation is right outside your apartment. The door staff is remarkable. If you choose to have your car in the garage, coming and going is done efficiently. Roof top is amazing."

- 1350-1360 Lake Shore Drive Resident

Part of Chicago's History

The Gold Coast has centuries of noteworthy architecture to revel over when strolling down its main avenues and smaller residential streets. One famous spot is where 19th century businessman Potter Palmer, who was known for developing State Street in the 1880s, built an incredible 42-room castle in 1882 that took up the equivalent of an entire city block on what is now Lake Shore Drive. Although his mansion was demolished long ago, the land where it once is stood is where 1350-1360 Lake Shore Drive stands today.